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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thin Threads: Real Stories of Life Changing Moments

Thin Threads: Real Stories of Life Changing Moments, a book I received from LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program, is a collection of stories about events in people's lives that were turning points. Some are chance meetings of spouses when it seemed the least likely. There are people whose careers changed because of a single incident. My favorite story is the man who won a soccer pool and thought about buying a bar, but found out his wife hadn't sent in the card. He ended up with a much more fulfilling career after that.

The stories are sweet though short. After several "How I met my spouse" stories it starts to get a little stale, a little formulaic. Each one is a touching personal story in its own right. The idea of a single moment that changes one's life is an intriguing one, and this book is full of such moments. B-

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Blogger Nadav said...

Thank you for reviewing Thin Threads. I am so glad you enjoyed the stories and hope they offer you insight into your own life-changing moments,
Stacey Battat
Editor - Thin Threads

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11:01 AM, October 30, 2009  

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